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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will the session organisers be provided time at the beginning of a session for an introductory statement?
A: Yes, 10 minutes will be allotted in the programme to all sessions for this purpose.


Q: Can I have multiple presentations at the Congress?
A: One person can “take the stage” once for their presentation during the Congress. However, it is perfectly fine to have several names for a paper and one “presenter” (for whom this is their moment in the spotlight). Once the call for papers has ended and we will be working on the final programme, we may offer the opportunity to the already registered participants to have a second paper in given sessions.


Q: Can I be the organizer of a session and provide an introduction to it, but present my paper in another
A: Yes, that’s possible if you accept not presenting a paper in your own session. Just keep in mind the minimum of papers for a session to take place is 4.